Sunday, September 25, 2011


OK OK I'M BACK FOR GOOD NOW.  We are reaching the 11th hour with the preparation for my 2012 journey of 30 full Ironman races in a single year.  The current world record is 20.... it is almost time to blow that bad boy out of the water!!  I have been training hard and recently finished Ironman Canada.  I have a video all ready to post as a race review.... coming soon (sorry for the delay).  Today I have a different video for you.... yesterday Sunny and I with a few friends tackled a fun day of racing in the mud.  Before the events Jess, Ryan, John, Heath and I rode a fun 70 miles.  This ride consisted of 5 flat tires and broken spoke, but we had a great ride!  After the ride we embarked on a muddy adventure called the DIRTY DASH!  Hope you enjoy the video as much as we did racing.  We ended up coming in 2nd place for the corporate cup as members of the XO Skins team.  This was a shock to us as all we did was play in the mud!

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