Friday, August 13, 2010

Arrested Development and Charlie the unicorn

The simple things in life that get us to our destinations quicker. Today started at 5am when Kyle Woodruff picked my up to head to Lake Stevens WA for race number 14. Can you believe we are this far into the journey. The drive actually went by pretty quickly thanks to season two of Arrested Development. This is one funny show and I recommend it to anyone with a sense of humor. Thank you John Rose for bringing this visual goodness.

All day yesterday was taken up with me on the phone trying to get through to Delta as they screwed up with the air miles they promised me. With ZERO luck getting anywhere through the phone lines I resorted back to old faithful... social media. I started to use the youtube channel and their twitter account to get their attention. Shocker... they contacted me within 15 minutes and we're on a path to a resolution. I am so very tired of Delta.

14 hours later we arrived at a friend of John Rose's. He is a spin surgeon and has a beautiful house here in Washington. He made us a very nice dinner and we spent the rest of the night chatting. His girlfriend introduced us to some youtube classics (the kind of video's that are perfect to watch when you have very little to do when traveling.) Just type in Charlie the Unicorn in... the things people have time to create and watch. The hit count here is insane!!! Can you imagine if each of those views donated only a quarter - wow!

Anyways this is a big weekend.... well ok it's just another 70.3 but is one race closer... tomorrow we check in and get ready.

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