Friday, March 26, 2010

She's heard of me... what???

After the morning ride to make sure my Ellsworth prototype was rolling the way I wanted it to, my coach instructed me to relax the rest of the day. Check! Strolled down to the beach and did just that - relaxed. It was nice. Sandy beach, the bright sun and ZERO clouds. Sunny and I decided to take one last stroll down the pier and take a final look through the expo. There we found Michellie Jones - Kona World Champion and well known bad ass in the triathlon world. We started talking and it turns out she had heard of me and my little project. She thinks I'm crazy - ha ha... maybe she's right? But she thinks that it's a cool project and wished me luck. Time to put the final touches on my preparation..... ohhhh yaaaaa here we go.

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