Monday, March 29, 2010

Tri and Give a Dam take one - Oceanside California

5 am..... Saturday March 27th..... this is the moment my planning, hard work and desire to change other peoples lives came to a head. I rose with mixture of feelings. Excitement, anxiousness, nervousness and the sense of the start of something good. I slept really well considering the feelings and emotions that should have kept me up. The night before I carefully prepared my Tri bag so that I could get the maximum amount of sleep and not have to think about things in the morning. I made a bowl of Rokit Fuel and downed it. Our condo was perfectly selected as it was only 1/4 mile from the race site. So with my traveling companions (Sunny and the Winns) fast asleep I grabbed my bag, jumped on my bike and rolled down the road to T1. The male 30-34 division is the largest and fairly competitive, so we are the last wave to go off. Initially I was disappointed to find I was last to leave T1 but after today I am a fan of going last. One of the perks was the fact I got to see the pro field take off, swim and transition. How do they swim sub 23 min... simply amazing. As my wave time approached I finalized my transition area and took in my final nutrition for the morning. With 5 min before my race it was time for 2 DUB shots

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