Monday, July 5, 2010

10k - Fail

Provo Freedom Run - 40:21

I wanted to break 40 on this 10 k race. I tried and failed. Dang-it!!! I am happy with the average of 6:25's and this is my best time ever but I really wanted to break 40. Looking back there was an uphill section that I coasted on and should have pushed just a little harder... I live to race another day! Great job to Kyle Quist (fellow DailyMiler'er) who rocked his PR by 2 minutes - Woot Woot. Also congrats to Sara Jarvis (fellow athlete) who pushed me to the finish, she is an animal! Jess Brereton also ran the 5k which mark his first race back after his accident and back surgery. He posted a proud 23:38. BIG ups to the wife Sunny who ran 8:10 miles to knock out her personal best in a 10K - Bang Bang! The best "in race butt slap" goes to Dano Dayton who caught up with me in the early stages of the run. Feels so good, great to see you good buddy!

Picture of the race goes to Chris Shane. It's tough to see but it does say U S A.... nice work Chris!
Also ran into fellow Aquaphor team mate for a pre race pic! Love to see all my friends and athletes at these local races. Thanks for the continued support!

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