Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Race Day Nutrition - Valuable Information

I have been asked a lot what I do for my race nutrition for a half Ironman Event. I guess one could say that after 10 races at this distance in 2010 I should know what I am doing. So here is what I do and what I have found that works for me;

My race pre starts the night before. I apply MYOMED to my legs and sleep in compression pants. When I wake up in the morning I make a big bowl of RokitFuel and 4-8 ounces of ASEA. I make one bike bottle that has 2 scoops of CarboPro in it, 2 packets of Hornet Juice in it, and Prolytes.

On the bike I have 2 more bottles with 2 scoops of CarboPro in each, 2 packets of Hornet Juice in each and more Prolytes.

I take 2 DUB shots (similar to 5 hour energy) right before the swim. On a race where my wave was 2 hours after the pro's a take a muscle milk as a second breakfast.

On my bike I have 4 gel packs. I try to take in 1000 calories on the ride.

In T2 I have a packet of pills waiting for me to take. When a course is set up properly (in my opinion) there should be a water table as you leave T2 to head out onto the run. This water table will allow you to take these pills quickly. If no water table is available you just need to have a water bottle in T2 or carry the baggie of pills to the first water stop usually at mile 1. In my pack of pills I have DUB nutrition's Muscle formula and Youth formula, some kind of salt replacement pill, sport legs (for lactic acid removal), and 4- 200mg ibuprofen's.

Then for the run I take in mostly liquids and gels (3-4 of them) from the aid stations (no bars). I say no bars because I want quick nutrition and I want it now. I do not want to take energy away from what I am doing to break down complex bars. Coke is also welcome treat (this is supplied at most races on the run.) The other awesome thing I like to do is dump the ice down my shorts so it sits on my hips, quads and hamstrings. This helps keep me cool and keep my legs nice and fresh.

This post was free of charge;) I think this is some very valuable information and will hopefully help some of you get through your day with no bonks!


  1. JAMES!!!!! It's Laura, from the run in St Croix... You rock my world ;-P Awesome to see you are still inspiring the world to give a dam. All the BEST!!

  2. Hey Laura - you got me through my second lap! Awesome stuff. You doing any more racing this year?? Great to hear from ya!!!