Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ernie, Flying Nuns and 80 year old animals

I just chilled around the finish area and watched the rest of the athletes come in....literally all of them. The host of the show Extreme Tourist, Ernie, wanted to have a great experience at his first half-Ironman. He posted a time of 7:59:26. Erni

e managed to just edge out Madonna Buder, the 80 year old flying nun. Unfortunately he was bested by the other 80 year old in the race, Lew Hollander, who beat Ernie by 13 minutes. I would have bet on the guy on the left every time. Another lesson in NOT judging a book by it's cover.

After the race we wanted to get some good bike footage for the episode and some promo footage for my quest. So we headed back to the beast to do some filming. Shockingly I felt great, now that my stomach wasn’t busy being my enemy. The evening finished with eating at the Fort Christian Brew Pub. The service was horrible and the burger was mediocre; but the deep fried pickles and onion rings were off the hook!! It felt good just to go back to the hotel and crash watching the Patriot on TV.

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