Friday, April 16, 2010

Bike fees and long layovers

Woke this morning with some anxious energy. So much of what I am doing is unknown. How will my body respond? Will I make each race? Can I recover fast enough? Will the logistics work out? I have faith, so the answer is yes!

Race number 2 in New Orleans should be easy... perspective right. Received a message late last night that my contact Ray in New Orleans came though and found me a home stay. WHEW! I didn’t have a hotel or rental car booked. Funds are tight and I was willing to gamble with the worst case being I have to sleep in a rental car. A bed should be much better than sharing the back seat of the car with my bike and gear.

After a quick packing of gear it was now time to see if I could disassemble my bike and safely get it into it’s case..... success! Time will soon tell if I can put it back together and make it run smooth. I should be really good at it by the end of the year.Off to the SLC airport compliments of Garen Winn. Garen is a good friend of mine who specializes in insurances and life planning. Because of Garen I am well covered just in case something happens to me over the next 30 week in 2010.

Check in...... expensive and frustrating. I knew this was coming but the sting at check in just sucks. $190 bucks to check my bike, which is lighter than my gear bag. I guess I looked suspicious as they decided to open my bike case and unpacked my bike for me, which to me an hour to get it in there.... The guard felt it necessary to take take my co2 cartridges away, just in case I climbed into baggage mid flight, located my bike, unpacked it and used it as an explosive somehow. It actually made sense to me .... it is a pressure device and could blow with the flight pressure....maybe.... 2 dollar lesson learned. So I will now have to buy some co2 at every event.

Flight number one completed.... now just the four hour lay over. On the flight I sat next to a very nice lady who’s husband works for Fed EX.. what? Hopefully that luck of the draw with seating will turn out to be a good thing in the shipping bike department. Off to New Orleans... hope I find the people picking me up;-)

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