Friday, April 23, 2010

Rental cars from heaven

Travel started today at 2 MST with only one flight to Houston. Last night I didn't have a car rented or a way to get from the airport to my hotel, which I found out was 50 miles from the airport. As I was getting ready for bed I decided to check my Dailymile website and found that a girl from Houston was wishing me luck on my race this weekend. With nothing to lose I asked if she could pick me up from the airport.... she said no. BUT she did work for enterprise car rental and offered to set me up with a rental. 4 days car rental = 74 bucks - booyaa!! Thank you so much!!!

I landed safe, pick up the car with zero problems and headed out to find my hotel. The good new is I only got lost twice but eventually found it. I am staying about 2 miles from the ocean and about 10 min from the race site... looking forward to some good rest while enjoying some basketball - GO JAZZ!

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  1. Good luck James! I hope you have a great time in Houston!