Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rear Derailleurs and Whataburgers

Saturday April 24th.  Slept in and had a great sleep.  Built my bike first thing and had issues with my derailleur - rear gears would not shift.  So I headed to check in to see if I could find someone to see what the problem was.  The day before our 70.3 event there was an Olympic and sprint race going on.  The swim was canceled due to extremely high winds.  I guess they ended up doing a time trial start for these athletes.  I sure hope they do not cancel the swim portion of our event.  The olympic and sprint racers were still racing and most of the Ironman athletes weren’t there yet.  I took my bike to the mechanic and he fixed my rear derailleur.  I had one spring on the wrong side, but know I know! 

Check in went smooth.  There was a guy wearing shorts so I asked him if he was from Utah, he looked at me silly and said “no, England”  Way to go Powertri crew.  I checked out the swim and found it to be very straight forward, only two turns.  With wristband on I was able to check in my bike and headed back to the hotel to get off my feet.  On the way back I passed a “Whataburger” and remember being told that if I was ever in Texas that I had to stop in and get one.  And now I know, that is the last Whataburger I will have - nasty!  Coach Keena says to stay off my feet as much as I can so like a good student I went and took a nap!

As I woke up I was once again hungry and headed out to find some good eats.  All I could find was a Golden Corral and thought, “Why not?”  It is cheap and has a good selection.  I was right, filled up the belly and retired for the night.

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