Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oceanside - The Bike

2:38:18. After a smooth transition it was off on the Ellsworth TT for the 56 mile ride. Not knowing exactly where my fitness was I wanted to just go out slow and execute a consistent ride. Time didn't matter as I was focused on heart rate and saving something for the run. I wanted to ensure that race #1 was a positive one. The ride started out pretty fast and flat. I quickly got my heart rate up to 155 and locked it in. This made for a very enjoyable ride. I stayed well within my limits and never panicked. The weather was perfect, and the sights were amazing. It was also neat riding through camp Pendleton. Riding past army trucks and men with guns! After the half way mark of the ride it was steady climbing and some hefty winds. I didn't panic with the climbs and just settled in to a comfortable pace... no stress, no expectations. With about 6 miles to go this course gets fast. Flat to downhill terrain and smooth roads. One of the benefits to starting in the last wave was that I passed a lot of other athletes. This really helped the confidence ans I passed way more people than people passed me - a good ratio indeed. My Ellsworth bike was PERFECT. This bike is solid and fast. Speedy T2 - check.

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