Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ride with friends and recovery massages

April 28th,

It is Wednesday and I feel great. On Tuesday I met with John Rose (DUB owner) and Jess Brereton and we headed out for a easy spin. Jess is recovering from a broken back. He was in a car accident in late November and has just returned to his regular activities. I thought this would be a great ride for him to join me on. We hammered out an easy 23 miles and dropped Jess back off at the truck. With only about 20 minutes before I needed to head out to my post 70.3 massage, John wanted to hit a 6 mile loop hard. I loved this idea as I think I need to do more than just a recovery spin if I want to try and improve on my, so far, slow bike times. I loved the hard biking! I had my massage with Alicia and she said everything was ship shape. “Drink lots of water and try to stay lose.”

Today I went to coach Keena’s swim class and was met there by Shane Morris. A local, fast friend who is doing the St George Ironman this weekend. The weather is suppose to be bad. Not what the athletes wanted to hear with the course already being one of the hardest on the circuit. We pounded out 2500 meter swim and called it a workout! Shockingly I enjoy swim workouts now where I used to dread them.

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