Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Boise 70.3 and what a weekend it was!

I have been looking forward to this trip for some time. Why you ask? Because I don't have to go by myself. Boise is close enough to drive to so many of my friends and fellow triathletes partake in this event. The trip started with my roof rack not fitting on Kyle Quist's Suburban. We looked around, calculated how many eagle scouts were in the group and figured we had the skills to tie it down. Risky at first glance but upon completion we concluded that this rack of bikes wasn't going anywhere.
The van was filled with excitement as this would be the first 70.3 event for Kyle Quist and Ryan Whiting. I was equally excited for them and also had a good feeling about my race. Kyle Woodruff was with us hoping to beat his time earlier this year in California. Kyle W. is training for IRONMAN Louisville later this year. We had Rob Schopke and Parker Cross there with us taking video footage for the pilot for our TV series and documentary.
We rolled into Boise with a few hours to spare and get check in. The head media girl was on us instantly as the camera crew followed me through the check in process. She was super nice and arranged for us to get our media credentials and grant us access to certain parts of the race. Check in was smooth and we headed up to Lucky Peak to put our bikes in T1 and go for a quick pre race swim. The water was FREEZING and concern set in for race day conditions.

We ended the day at Cheese Cake Cafe and scolded Kyle for his choise to order double chocolate cheese cake. He buckled due to the pressure and stashed it in the hotel fridge to be enjoyed after the race.

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  1. I could have had a much better race with that cheesecake pushing me through the wind! If only I'd listened to my instincts instead of the nutrition obsessed triathletes! Blasted elite athletes!

    This race was a ton of fun. The suburban didn't even smell that bad afterwards! Well done James in putting this together. I think we all benefited from being able to participate together. And a shout out to Dub Nutrition. The Dub Shots are waaaay better than 5 hour energy. They are my new pre-race energy!