Sunday, June 13, 2010

Golf Course Run

Hawaii 70.3 Run - 1:47:53

Within the first mile I caught Belinda and we ran the first 8 miles of this beautiful rolling hills course. Belinda proved too much for me as she pulled away and disappeared into the distance. The company was great while it lasted. I fell apart a little during the last few miles of this but
ended up finishing up strong. I mustered up 5:09:05 and am very happy with the end result given the near fatal crash on the bike.

After the race I finally enjoyed some good post race food.... a cheese burger. I have been tired of the only offering being cardboard pizza. How about some fresh fruit people, this is Hawaii. After the race we just relaxed and enjoyed a specialty salad made by Colleen. Yum!

The next day was made up of seeing the local sites and historical land marks. The black lava rock formations were interesting to see as they were natural caves for the natives. I could not imagine living in black rocky caves.... I guess I'm a little bit soft.

I ended up down at the race start for the Ironman
World Championships, checked out the swim start and visualized how the finish would look and one day me running down the finish shoot.

As I was walking down the street I passed a tattoo shop and couldn't resist the urge to get my ironman tattoo... what better place than the birth place of ironman.....

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