Friday, June 18, 2010

New Friends and Meaningful Moments

When I was Boise several people came up to me and wished me well on the day and with Delta. I guess that little video got passed around a bit. I am grateful for the people who are donating and following my efforts. Justin Anderson was one of those guys and I was touched by the thoughtful e-mail he sent me.

"It was nice meeting you up there in Boise, and congratulations on your finish! Pretty impressive stuff in those wind conditions. I've followed your blog for a while now, and want you to know we're out here...following and donating. As a fellow triathlete, I'm ashamed at how frequently I take this precious resource for granted. I rarely think twice when jumping into a heated lap pool, or dumping water down my face during a race. Hard to imagine having to make special efforts just to have enough water to live each day. Anyway, here's a pic we took at T2. Well wishes for good health and success on your continuing journey. Take care!

Justin Anderson"

What a STUD - thank you Justin!

This entire week I also had the privilledge to attend the Young Living convention and volunteer at the D. Gary Young foundation booth. I got to speak to many people about our cause and a lot of money was raised. Young living has already donated enough money to build a dam and I have high hopes that we will be building another one in the near future with their name on it. This is a picture of me working it at the booth, I loved every minute of it! Thank you to the D. Gary Young Foundation and all the staff at Young Living.

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  1. Great comment from justin, it is guys like that who really make a difference. Ps great job in boise you animal