Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hawaii 70.3 race day Swim - 36:22

I'm in Boise right now and between me and the other 2 married guys here we have 14 kids. Despite the 2pm start here in Boise we are all up with our internal clocks and don't have much to do. So I will try to catch up on the blog.... I need to get better at this!

(this is me still in hawaii....)

Woke up and ate a quick breakfast and headed to the race site. The winds were up but the water was fairly calm. I was excited to be involved in my first mass start. Everyone was all gather along the shore line not wanting to be in the water when the gun goes off.... I though the opposite, head out to the buoy where only the fast swimmer were hanging out. The cannon fires and I let the fast swimmer go and voila - clear open water for me.

Swim 36:22 This swim was awesome!! Clear water all the way to the ocean floor. Armed in just a speed suit I tried to slice through the water. As you can see by my swim time... I failed. But I felt great and swam as hard as I could! I forgot to put on body glide and my neck got cut up just a bit. Quick smooth transition and I'm off on the bike - Bring on the wind!

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