Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tires and Tracks

With two weeks of down time from racing (I know that doesn't seem like much) I wanted to get in some good quality training. Starting in July my fitness will really be put to the test with eight 70.3 races in seven weeks including a back to back Saturday Sunday race weekend ending in my home town of Calgary, Canada. I had some great experiences with friends and family and have enjoyed my time at home. Solo runs on the railroad tracks and long rides with friends were just a few of the highlights. Flat tires and good laughs were part of a four hour ride I did with Jess and Tyrell. On our way to Tyrell's house I flatted twice and ended up calling him for a ride back to his place. Not knowing he had loaned out his truck he decided to pick us up in his old jeep with an attached trailer. This made for a bumpy yet successful ride!

1 comment:

  1. I just can't fathom what you're doing James. Instead of recovery between races, you're training. But that's why you will be successful!