Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lubbock Texas Run

This was a challenging run. And I have to say that this was the most challenging half of the year so far. The reason I say this is because the bike had 8 climbs and the run had 3 climbs. Combine this with the heat and the run.... tough course.

I felt good coming off the bike as I didn't push or race it. I went out at a smooth pace and just chilled through the first half of this run. It was an out and back run on the road. My legs started to get heavy with about 3 miles to go and I decided to shut it was down to not risk soreness or injury. I had nothing to prove this race and just wanted to cross the finish line. I saw Keena at the top of the main climb and she didn't look like she was having fun at all. Her goal for the day was to claim a spot at the 70.3 world championships. I crossed the line and felt just fine. Went into the medic tent and snagged a couple bags of ice and threw them on my legs. I knew with a 14 hour drive ahead of me I had to start the recovery process quickly.

I went over tho the finishers food area and what a spread, the best yet! Finally watermelon and NO pizza. I also found a few boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts and pounded a jelly filled one. Best donut I have ever had. I headed to the massage tent and got right in. As the massage was wrapping up I heard what I thought was Keena's name by the announcer. I headed to the finish shoot and no Keena. I checked transition and medical, no Keena. I continued to search for an hour, no Keena. I went and checked with the EMS and they said no Keena. I checked the results and she had indeed finished. I could not figure this out. After an hour an a half I found her shaking in the medic tent hooked up to 2 IV bags. I didn't recognize her with her hair all pulled up sporting glasses and a hat. At one point I was standing 3 feet from her talking to the medic.... duh! Turns out her body shut down on the run and she willed herself to the finish. I am amazed at what the body will do. She later told me that a girl passed out right beside her 100 feet from the finish line. Crazy chicks!

We gathered all our things and headed to find Keena some ice cream, the cure all food. Shockingly Keena perked right up after a nice bowl of the good stuff (couldn't have been the 2 bags of fluid).

James 1:54:10
Keena 1:55:36

Total Times
James 5:06:50
Keena 5:16:57